Gabuduck CEO to Speak at Kindiefest 2013

Kindiefest Stage

Friday, April 26th, 2013 – (2:45PM – 4:00PM)
You made an album, now what? Part 2 – It’s no longer just getting the record out: Once you plan your launch, how do you capitalize it? Here, learn about how to build something bigger. We’ll talk about mobile and desktop apps, other digital resources, videos, podcasts, webisodes and what might be next.

Panelists: Tor Hyams – Moderator, Dan Zanes (Artist), Angela Abshier (Gabuduck), Danny Lapidus (Hot Peas ‘N Butter)

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About Kindiefest

KindieFest is the world’s first-ever family music conference that fully embraces today’s market in all its diversity. Focusing exclusively on music for kids and families, KindieFest helps uncover the fastest-growing aspect of the music business: family entertainment.

KindieFest, which grew out of industry showcases in 2007 and 2008, got started on Saturday, May 2, 2009, in Brooklyn (under the name StinkFest), with a sold-out day of panels and a night of music and fun.

And for 2013, Kindiefest is partnering with the Brooklyn Academy of Music and expanding to two full days of panels and networking! Register now!

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Musician Lisa Loeb is having something of a prolific year when it comes to apps (by which we mean: two). In October, she provided voice narration for a storybook-app called Go, Go, Greta! Now she’s teamed up with its developer Gabuduck for something new.
It’s called Music Matching with Lisa Loeb, and it’s a tile-matching game that aims to teach children “about colours, musical instruments, sounds, and eye-hand coordination”. Also cats, by the looks of it.

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Lisa Loeb Narrated iPad Storybook Officially Launches Gabuduck into the Children’s Mobile Entertainment Marketplace

Go Go Greta! Unveiled by Las Vegas-Based Creator of Children’s Interactive Educational Apps

Las Vegas, NV and Digital Hollywood Expo- Marina del Rey, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Gabuduck, a creator of music-centric interactive educational apps for children, today officially announced its launch into the marketplace with the unveiling of Go Go Greta!, the Lisa Loeb narrated interactive iPad storybook. Based on the hit children’s book written by Dana Satterwhite and illustrated by Joseph Watson, kids ages toddler and up can join Greta, “the busiest girl in the world,” as she plays, learns and dances all around the globe. The whole family can get in on the fun and play along with Greta in “Read & Play” mode, sit together and listen to Lisa Loeb read in the engaging “Read to Me” mode, or get creative with the dynamic Coloring Book feature. The app also features the theme song, “I Can Do Anything” by The Happy Racers. Watch a preview and download the app, free for a limited time:

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We were very impressed by developer Gabuduck’s two previous apps Miko and Cola andKBS Kids, but now there’s a third: Go, Go, Greta!

It features a familiar name, too: musician Lisa Loeb provides voice narration for the story, which focuses on its cartoon heroine as she “plays, learns and dances all around the world”.

There’s music too – not from Loeb herself, but from producer Mark Meckell and The Happy Racers. Besides the story and sounds, there’s a digital colouring section with eight pictures to paint and save/share.

Go, Go, Greta! is a free download on the App Store for its first two days, although the colouring book is unlocked with a 69p ($0.99 in the US) in-app purchase. It’s iPad-only.

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Culture: Smart learning for digital kids (no bunnies, please)


John McClain’s eureka! moment arrived during a children’s birthday party a couple of years ago. The collected toddlers shunned a stack of more traditional presents in favor of a game-changing piece of technology freshly unleashed on the world: the iPad.

“I was amazed at the way the kids gathered around it,” says John McClain, a local producer and sound designer.

Later, McClain and friend Angela Abshier, a former intellectual property lawyer with an entertainment industry background, just sort of looked at each other and said, “There it is.”

The it: The pair had been searching for a creative project to work on together, and now they had it: designing apps for kids. They researched the market — competition was plentiful but mostly feeble, they say — pulled together a team of like-minded creative folks in Las Vegas, and launched Gabuduck, named for the adorable way McClain’s young son said “garbage truck.”


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The Guardian UK: The best children’s apps are about great storytelling and strong characters


Technology doesn’t replace traditional skills, but it can bring kids into the creative process

I recently visited a book publisher to speak at an away-day for itschildren‘s publishing team. The brief was to talk about the children’sapps market, including innovative startups and developers.

There was certainly lots of whizzy tech to talk about. Augmented reality; multi-touch counting aids; powerful music sequencers disguised as digital toys; use of the camera; physical accessories… A wave of innovation in the kid-apps space as developers explore the learning and play possibilities of touchscreen devices.

But here’s the thing: the more I thought about all this technology, and how my own three and five year-old sons use apps, the more I realised that the best children’s apps are successful because of a pair of more traditional qualities.

Great storytelling. Strong characters.

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Gabuduck Named Among 10 Finalists of Crowdstart Las Vegas


Las Vegas-Based Creator of Children’s Interactive Educational Apps Selected Out of Over 200 Companies for Possible $500,000 Vegas Tech Fund Investment

Las Vegas, NV, September 13, 2012 – Gabuduck, a Las Vegas-based start-up that creates music-centric interactive educational apps for children, today announced that it was selected among 10 finalists to participate in Crowdstart Las Vegas, one of the hottest investment competitions featuring a prize of $500,000 in funding to the winning company. After having been measured against over 200 companies, Gabuduck, along with nine other start-ups, will be participating in a live event taking place at the Plaza Hotel Casino, Las Vegas at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14, 2012 where the winner will be chosen.


The recently-launched Gabuduck is unlike any other mobile app provider, delivering interactive music-based activities that are enjoyed by both parents and children alike. Additionally, Gabuduck’s business model is creating a new revenue channel for the music and entertainment industry, developing new musical experiences with sounds and original compositions. Gabuduck’s content also features known music, but it is complete with new visuals and interactivity. Notable talent including Lisa Loeb, KBC Kids and Tom Maxwell have recognized the value of Gabuduck’s vision and are currently involved in several apps.

“At its core, Gabuduck is bringing music appreciation and education to young audiences in a very unique way through the use of engaging interactive stories and applications,” said Angela Abshier, Co-founder and CEO of Gabuduck. “The platform we have designed goes far beyond what you see with existing large broadcast brands. We have created smart entertainment for both kids and parents to enjoy and learn from, while simultaneously developing a whole new monetization concept for the recording industry. We are so excited to have been chosen as a Crowdstart finalist, and have early momentum and tremendous plans for growth that will certainly give investors reason to take notice!”

Behind the Gabuduck brand is a core team of entertainment industry veterans, including Co-founder and CEO Angela Abshier, thought leader in the casino gaming space and former intellectual property lawyer who brings 25 years of business relationships in music, film, entertainment, and development. Co-founder John McClain is an Emmy and Grammy award-winning audio producer with over 22 years in the entertainment industry.

For more details about Gabuduck, visit To learn more about the Crowdstart event, go to

About Gabuduck

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Gabuduck designs, produces and publishes extraordinary interactive, music-based educational mobile content for kids. The company specializes in uniting the entertainment industry’s most talented illustrators, animators, authors and musical artists together to create truly engaging and interactive products that captivate users of all ages. Gabuduck works with notable musical talent, including Lisa Loeb, KBC Kids, Eric Brace and Philip Cooper, and Tom Maxwell. To learn more about Gabuduck, visit

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Categories: News 7 Music Apps to Entertain, Educate Kids… and Not Annoy Parents


Gotta love children! You really do! Don’t you? With their boundless energy and insatiable curiosity, we believe children are the future, although entertaining them can challenge even the closest-hovering “helicopter parents.” No parent can stay on their game forever.

Fortunately, the iPad and iPhone can provide kids with hours of brightly-colored games and sweet-sounding music with happy characters, all proffered up in the name of education or, in some cases, just plain fun. Critics say television makes kids sit there like potatoes, but they can’t say the same about music apps.

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PadGadget: Kids Can Make Sweet Beats With KBC Kids – iPad Game Review


Gabuduck apps, run by the father of a four-year-old, focuses on music oriented apps for kids. KBC Kids, one of the developer’s apps, is an amazing music creation app that young children will absolutely love.

In this app, kids will choose from two different musical scenes, rollercoaster and popsikini, each of which come equipped with a catchy soundtrack. In this scene, kids can interact with objects to create their own musical tracks.

For example, tapping on the rollercoaster adds a base beat, then tapping on the ferris wheel adds another beat, until there’s a mash up of sounds going, which kids can add to by continuing to tap on the items in the scene.

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The Guardian UK: Gabuduck strikes up an iPad apps tune for children


Music apps and children’s apps are two of the most creative and innovative categories in modern-day app stores, but also two of the hardest to make money from. It’s a brave company that looks to make its fortune from music apps for kids, then.

Gabuduck is that company. The Las Vegas-based developer’s first twoiPad apps were released in July 2012: storybook Miko and Cola, andKBC Kids – Kid Friendly Hip Hop.

Both include music-making as key features, with children tapping characters and items in on-screen scenes to trigger samples and loops. Gabuduck used a technology called Art Jam from another startup,Moonrider, to make this happen.

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