The Techie Side of Fun

For anyone looking to get into design or programming, I always tell them one thing: Whenever you can, do both. It’s not often you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, but in this unique day and age, we have the tools to create amazing interactive experiences from digital nothingness. As the chief techie [...]

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I Can Do Anything – A series of happy accidents


I love my job.  No, really, I love my job.  I work with sounds and sound creators all day long and sound is a passion for me.  Great sound is, in large part, a series of happy accidents.  Put this together with that and WHOA!  What just happened?  If you ask me, happy accidents make [...]

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We’re Putting The Band Back Together!


For the upcoming app Jenny Jenkins, Gabuduck needed to create additional instrumentation to complement the amazing version recorded by Lisa Loeb and her engineer Dan Petty and stay true to the roots of this Appalachian folk song from 1823.  So, we hopped in our time machine and set the controls for…ok, if we had a [...]

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Working with child actors or how to learn patience in 5 second bursts.


For the Gabuduck app Miko and Cola we had inexperienced child actors playing 3 of the 4 major voiceover roles in the book. And this book is big by iPad ebook standards, 64 pages of fun and frolic! So how do you wrangle child actors, keep their interest while recording over 120 lines of copy [...]

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Welcome to Gabuduck


Hi! I’m Nicole and on behalf of everyone here at Gabuduck, welcome!! We are so very excited about our new super interactive, happy, musical space here on the web! Be sure to peek and poke around everywhere as a new little adventure lies behind each and every click. At Gabuduck, it’s important that you know [...]

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